About Us

Well, Hello . Thanks for stopping by. 

Food Travel More is a lifestyle blog dedicated to all the good things in life – luxury travel, food, healthy homegrown eating and lovely hotels. We want to celebrate the small world that there is out there and showcase what there is to offer, particularly to couples. We want to share our food and travel misadventures and mishaps. 

Talking of travel (mis) adventures, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to each continent, but it’s been a standing joke amongst friends that they will never travel when we do. It’s not because we make terrible travel companions – far from it. But, so far we’ve survived tsunami, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, typhoons (that was a memorable honeymoon). And, you know what? It’s never dented our desire to travel and see the world. Even getting bitten by a trigger fish hasn’t put us off. ​

So why incorporate food and gardening into this blog? Well, for us food and travel go hand in hand. Enjoying local cuisine and immersing in the flavours – isn’t that what holidays are all about? And when we’re at home, creating new dishes, trying new recipes and foods is what we like to do.

We love our garden and lucky to have space to grow our own produce – be it cherry tomatoes, carrots, broad beans or cucamelons! 

​So, thanks again for stopping by Food Travel More – we hope our lifestyle blog of luxury travel, food, healthy homegrown eating and lovely hotels offers some inspiration and useful tips.

​Mr & Mrs P xx