Autumn-inspired home decorations – for free!

Autumn decoration for the home
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I love Autumn. My inner child comes out as I walk around kicking leaves and searching for conkers. Anyone else love doing that? Nope? Just me then …

Autumn brings the long, dark nights and with winter knocking on the door, I like to make our home a little dressy but with a sprinkle of cosy. I like to brighten up the lounge with some twinkling fairy lights and an autumn-inspired decoration. Here’s what I make and it doesn’t cost a penny!

So how did this creation first start? It was whilst I was out walking that I decided to look for (or, technically forage for) things to create an Autumn-inspired decoration that would last until we put the tinsel up! I’ve been enjoying a daily walk for quite some time. It definitely helps clear my head and help my mood, motivation and manage anxiety. If you’re struggling , then get out in the fresh air – it works wonders for me.

It’s amazing what you spot on your walks. In the spring you see the bulbs pushing through the soil, the leaves bursting on the trees. Come summer, it’s all about the flora and fauna – from the fragrant blossoms to the intricate, tenacious insects. Autumn, as you already know, is my favourite and this year was no exception: from the vibrant colours from the leaves on the trees to the bumper crop of conkers … more on that. Winter … well here I have to enter the confession booth in that I’m a bit of a ‘fair-weather’ walker so if there’s a blizzard I’ll be staying in eating chocolate biscuits.

I suppose this latest bit of creativity started on the day I spotted the first conker on the ground. I used to play conkers with my lovely Dad when I was a kid. He never let me win. And, if he ‘accidentally’ caught my knuckles – he’d just laugh and tell me I should have moved a bit quicker. We’d perfect our conkers – baking them in the oven and painting them with clear nail varnish. We took it seriously. Deadly seriously. And he still won. Now he’s no longer here, it’s one of the many things that remind me of him and make me smile.

So after the conkers, came the fir cones, then the acorns … you can see how it went. There was soon a collection of brown things building up and I knew that if I didn’t do something with them quickly they’d end up in the recycling (Mr P isn’t good with clutter). So my Autumnal forage was put into a tall straight sided vase is now sitting on the hearth in a tall vase and it looks quite nice. What’s more it didn’t take long to do nor cost anything – other than my time.

The question is now though … what do I do for Christmas / Winter???

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