Top Tips for Tiger Spotting in India

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Our dream was to see tigers in the wild and our trip to India fulfilled that dream. We have always wanted to see the beautiful, majestic and elusive tigers in the wild. So, here are our Top Tips for Tiger Spotting in India and making sure you get the most out of your trip.

We have always wanted to see the beautiful, majestic and elusive tigers in the wild.

There are several wildlife reserves in India where you can (hopefully) spot tigers. We visited Ranthambore as part of the Golden Triangle Tour.

We were so lucky. In three drives we saw a mother with three large cubs – enjoying a kill.

We also saw an absolutely beautiful male tiger who simply strolled behind our vehicle. Can you believe that the photo above was taken on an iPhone? We were that close.

Apart from tigers, what else do you see?

Spotting a tiger is exceptionally difficult. There aren’t many to see. But, whilst you’re trying to find them, there’s lots of wildlife to look at along the way:

  • We were lucky to also see the most beautiful Sloth Bear
  • There’s an abundance of monkeys
  • Peacocks are prevalent after all, they were brought to the UK from India
  • Keep your eyes peeled for owls – you can just see them peeking from the hollow of a tree
  • The landscape, sunrise and sunsets are just a breathtaking, especially in the cool nip of the morning air.

What to wear on a tiger safari

  • It’s cool in a morning. So a lightweight jacket, warm jumper or fleece are handy (you’ll be shedding them off later in the morning when the sun comes up).
  • Wear sturdy shoes. You don’t often leave the canter safari vehicle, but if you do, you’re out in the bush!
  • Muted colours are an obvious choice, but avoid white. Purely because it’s incredibly dusty and your crisp white shirt will soon become a lovely shade of orange by the return journey.
  • If you’re conscious of your hair, then wrap a scarf around your head (again, the dust gets EVERYWHERE)!

What to pack for tiger spotting in India

  • A decent camera. Tigers are elusive and you often have to observe them from a distance. So get a camera with good zoom.
  • Binoculars are helpful too – to get a good view of the wildlife.
  • Plenty of anti-bac gel. It’s recommended that you use it every time you handle cash.
  • A mini medicine cabinet like paracetamol, anti-sickness and rehydration medication.
  • Tissues – toilet tissue is not always available!
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen = you may go for early morening of late afternoon safari drives, but the sun and UV rays are still strong.

“Apparently there are less than 4000 tigers in the wild. Sadly they are still subject to poaching. These fantastic beasts need to be preserved.”

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