What’s it like at Dubai Miracle Garden?

World's Largest Natural flower garden is Dubai Miracle Garden
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It’s the world’s largest natural flower garden. Prepare to be wowed. Welcome to Dubai Miracle Garden.

World's Largest Natural flower garden is Dubai Miracle Garden
Welcome to Dubai Miracle Garden

The scene is set as soon as you arrive and you are met by a giant tortoise (yes, him in the photo!). And, then you start to wonder – how on earth do 150 million flowers and plants survive the Middle Eastern heat? But this is Dubai. Expect to be impressed. Expect there to be record-breaking displays. Because you will be. And there are.

The Dubai Miracle Garden opens in the Winter months when temperatures are around the mid-20s. So if you’re heading to Dubai for some Winter sun – anytime between November and March – the garden will be open.

So what can you expect to see at Dubai Miracle Garden?

Areas are themed so every corner you turn, expect a different attraction. All colourful. All very impressive. The most popular attractions are:

Emirates A380 …

There aren’t many places that you’d expect to see a life-size jumbo jet parked up and covered in flowers. But this is Dubai. Expect the unexpected. Expect things done bigger, better and on a truly grand scale. The floral installation of an Emirates A380 plane takes more than 500,000 plants to construct. So that’s probably why it holds the Guinness World record for the Largest Flower Structure. There’s definitely a *record breaking* theme at this place.

Dubai Miracle Garden has an impressive Emirates A380 plane in flower form
Dubai Miracle Garden has an impressive Emirates A380 plane in flower form

Mickey & Friends …

linking up with Disney there’s an eighteen metre high Mickey Mouse. And, if that isn’t impressive enough it’s currently the World’s Largest Topiary Structure (Guinness World Records). Alongside Mickey there’s Daisy Duck with the nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and also a rather marvellous Pluto and Goofy too.

Hearts Passage, Butterfly Passage & Umbrella Passage

You may struggle to get the ‘perfect shot’ on busy days as there are plenty of people posing for snaps but it’s great to walk through these archways and look up at all of the colour above.

Hearts Passage at Dubai Miracle Garden
An insta-worthy photo opportunity

The Great Big Teddy Bear

How could you not love this Great Big Teddy?

… He’s 12 metres high.

… He spreads love and harmony

… What’s not to like?

Giant Floral Teddy at Dubai Miracle Garden
The largest floral teddy you’ll ever see

Plus so much more … from Giant Cats, elephants, floral clocks. floral castles, undulating hills of colour (a bit reminiscent of Teletubbies at times) … there is so much to see here.

How much time should I allow to visit Dubai Miracle Garden?

We visited at a leisurely pace with plenty of time for photographs and spent around 2 hours here.

Important do’s & don’ts at Dubai Miracle Garden

Don’t pick the flowers! Otherwise you could end up in serious bother.

Don’t bring in food or beverages from outside – it will get confiscated. Once inside, you’ll find plenty of cafes, kiosks and restaurants so you won’t go hungry or thirsty.

Don’t bring a drone to take aerial photographs – they’re not allowed.

How do I get to Dubai Miracle Garden?

By public transport, take the Dubai Metro to the Mall of Emirates station (red line) and then the RTA Bus #105 for a 15-20 minute ride to the gardens (priced around 5 dirhams). Alternatively, just jump in a taxi as they are plentiful and relatively cheap in Dubai.

What about the cost?

Considering what there is to see and the length of stay, we found Dubai Miracle Garden reasonably priced.

Adults (12 years and over) 55 AED (about £11) and Kids 40 AED (about £8). Prices as at Winter 2018/19.

If you love flowers – then we’re sure you’ll love this.

Enjoy x

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